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Anonymous said: idk if i can trust you after that suspect nervous response about your possible racism *unfollows*

thats understandable im just a nervous person tho but bye

Anonymous said: you're amazing in every single conceivable way

omfg thank you so much im grinning ear 2 ear r/n :-))))


Backstage @ Tim Coppens ss15

I’m not here, this isn’t happening.




Look, we really can’t keep this a secret any longer. Our hearts are bursting at the seams with eternal love and lust for this master of his craft - Andrew B. Myers. Phew, much better now that’s out in the open. 

How can one look past such gorgeous pastels and sentimental subject matter. Twister, VHS tapes, toys and other ephemera that we can recall from childhoods long gone. It tugs at the heart strings and makes the eyeballs happy with aesthetic goodness.

Follow Andrew on Tumblr and suss out more beautiful work on his website

Anonymous said: I assume YOU ARE RACIST

im tryin my best to unlearn all the racism in my mind cos ive got white privilege and stuff, i wanna say untrue but im not gonna say not true if i do/say problematic things which are offensive 2 poc, you know bc its not my place to say im not i guess. idk thats a hard one if i do problematic things call me out on it im trying not to be cos i believe in equality but idk like i dont wanna present myself as this righteous “”“white ally”“” person cos im still pretty ignorant imo but i d ont wanna say im racist but if i am u gotta tell me so i can change that

ugh i just sound like a dick idk u decide im sweatin from this ask cos im nervous that ive been super offensive damn



Giant amethyst geode from Uruguay

no that’s a magic rock that has outer space in it

that’s fuckin dope


Nobuyoshi Araki. Flower Series. 1997

True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask and I’ll tell you if its true or false. Go.


Zilla Leutenegger | Zilla’s House